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need help regarding hybris promotion voucher... I have 2 questions could you please provide answer to me ... We need to create impex ... like export all promotion voucher code which has applicable for related voucher products
Difference between promotional voucher and serial voucher in hybris?
Gift Card /Voucher Changes in Hybris Accelerator: 1. Voucher Façade creation Defining Voucher interface: Voucher interface ... (final SessionContext ctx, final PromotionResult promotionResult, final Locale locale)
In one of our projects we have a requirement to exclude certain products from the total cart value calculation after a promotion apply on cart in hybris 6 ... Math.round(orderEntryRao.getQuantity() * productPrice) ; } return totalPrice; } }
Good Evening Friends, As you know there is new features "Promotion Engine" has introduce in Hybris 6.0 version which provides the flexibility needed to ...; return (found.getTotalCount() > 0); } }
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How to apply custom restrictions on promotion in Hybris ? please explain
I have to add product promotion link into productcockpit and i do not want to do it from hMC i just want to add the promotion link which lets me to give the promotion on my products
Hello , If we can create custom order promotion in hybris , then how can we do . More appreciated for providing code also