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I am trying to update only some database rows, depending on the already present value in the database. Specifically, I am trying to update the rows in ... to update only when the Address has clientShippingAddresses of 48338. Thank you
Hello Friends, Yesterday , During Interview i got question about - How to delete all Items of type by using impex in hybris i do not know how easy question ... of employee type Same can also use for UPDATE impex By default it is false
Hello Hybris Developer , In my project there was one requirment where during ImpEx import i have to get data from local. ... INSERT_UPDATE EveryreplyUserTest;customerId[UNIQUE=true];customerName ;003;$variable
In My last SAP hybris interview i got question related Hybris Impex Q. Lets you have Impex of product where column of base price and sale price where i have to apply a validation ... ;age;age1 ;001;kumud;2;5 ;002;raju;3;6 ;003;kaju;4;7
During import impex we are specify the language of localized attribute like below INSERT_UPDATE EveryReplyUser;code[unique=true];name[lang=de];name[lang=en ... it will pick the language that will be active for the current JaloSession,
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Hello All, I had face this question in an interview. Please guide me the answer of this question My Answer: we create the base store from HMC and set ... Catalogs for the base store OR you will just import ImPex is that right answer?
Impex used :- INSERT_UPDATE CronJob; code[unique=true];job(code);singleExecutable;sessionLanguage(isocode) ;sendRankingCronJob;sendRankingJob;false;en Below Error while running ... . Finally could not import 1 lines![HY-123] Thanks
Script for Impex for Content Page INSERT_UPDATE ContentPage;$contentCV[unique=true];uid[unique=true];name;masterTemplate(uid,$cont entCV); ... )[default='ContentPageModel__function_preview'] ;;about;About Us;ContentPage2Template;/about